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Welcome to the debut page of IMRA - The Official Blog of Q.J. Goodwin.  Named after the futuristic organization that serves as a primary plot device in the novel Ben Fury (which you can purchase a copy of Here ) IMRA is where I'm going to be posting chapters of my currently progressing novels, which will remain available for you guys to read, even after its finished, until such time that I may take them down once the possibility of their publishing becomes imminent.  If you want to learn more about what I have going on or have any questions story-wise or otherwise, you can leave a comment or e-mail me at quentingarriett@aol.com.  Here are the following stories that will be featured on this blog:

Night Bird Flying - The story of a 17-year old Louisiana-born guitarist named Johnny B. Goode, who after being expelled from school, is sent to live with his uncle in a socially segregated town.  After befriending a group of talented outcasts, he begins to pursue his dreams of starting a band amidst the dangers of a murderous rival band, a serial killer on the loose, and a growing conspiracy threatening to unravel the sanctity of their pursuits.  This story incorporates many elements and references related to Jimi Hendrix, Chuck Berry, and various other rock musicians.

Gener@tion Z - In the year 2020, after a zombie outbreak in London is secured, American schools adapt a new curriculum known as ZASC (The Zombie Apocalypse Survival Course), an after-school program dedicated to teaching students how to survive in the event of a Zombie Outbreak.  The students must "survive" 15 days of the class, participating in a fictional scenario that involves them living in a ruined version of the city during a Class-3 Zombie Outbreak.  Those that "survive" and pass the course recieve an A in all of their classes for the semester as their reward.  The story centers around one particular school, Romero High School in the town of Ocean Valley and a classroom of 24 students that try to live their normal lives while being forced to survive in the virtual zombie-world scenario.  At the same time, the characters are forced to uncover a dangerous conspiracy surfacing behind the scenes of the program that may threaten their safety as well as the safety of every student participating in it across the country.

Graffiti - Set in the distant future, a totalitarian government/monopoly known as Stratis Corp has established its dominance over the world years after a devastating war brought civilization to ruin.  Keeping a large grip over the expansion of the world's culture through brainwashing, outlawing certain forms of music, and forbidding cultural expression, a rebellious gang leader named Shane and his army of street soldier, with the help of several unlikely allies, must find a way to liberate themselves from the oppression Stratis Corp is bringing down on their home turf, a district of their city known as The Strays.  This story uses and references a large variety of popular music of today and of the past, using it as a backdrop for the story's theme.

Rad Munday - Set in present day, the eccentric amateur paranormal investigator known Radcliffe Munday developed an unparalleled interest in the supernatural ever since the death of his mother and his involvement in the mysterious slaughter of several young boys around his age known as the Belevont Massacre.  Now an adult, he is considered the best in his field and is enlisted by the infamous privately funded paranormal organization, P.U.L.S.E. (Paranormal United Law and Security Enterprise) to join their ranks.  As he begins to adjust to the "high life" of paid investigative work, Rad begins to discover the origin of the massacre that robbed him of a normal life and must overcome his past demons in order to prevent an evil force from destroying the world.

Cosmic Flash - Set in 1987, a college student and conspiracy theorist named Zach English, gets wasted one night with friends only to find himself lost in the woods as he stumbles upon a lone spaceship left behind by an unknown visitor.  Boarding the ship, he accidentally activates it and sends himself hurtling across the galaxy into a community of planets that have thrived together for many years.  But that's nothing compared to the strangest part: He is known here.  The Zach English that they are familiar with was a decorated military hero who suddenly disappeared two years prior but bore the exact same resemblance as the Zach English from Earth.  Now "returned," Zach assimilates to this new community and inadvertently becomes apart of Cosmic Flash, an executive intelligence agency that is considered by Zach to be the "space" version of the CIA.  As Zach begins his peculiar quest to stop intergalactic terrorism, he must simultaneously figure out what his existence in this new environment means and overcome his acute case of culture shock in order to assure that his new home remains safe from the maniacal alien creatures that threaten its safety.

Coming Soon:
Beaux and Aero: Revolver Road - In an alternate world where supernatural humanoid creatures live amongst us in society, two hot-shot guns for hire, Columbus "Beaux" Beauregarde, an African-French Werewolf Immigrant, and Arron "Aero" Paratelli, an Italian American Vampire, run the most successful mercenary/contract-killing business in the supernatural criminal underworld.  Characterized as Folklorians, creatures that were once hunted by humans many years ago until a law was passed that outlawed it and gave them equal rights, these humanoid creatures make up at least half of the world's population.  They include Werewolves, Vampires, Angels, Demons, Ghosts, Djinn, Elves, and Nymphs, each race with their own personal inconspicuous stamp in the criminal underworld that has spawned from their freedom.  After working a simple job, Beaux and Aero go to collect their pay only to find out that their employers, a Vampire Mafia Family, had been completely slaughtered in their compound while the two had been working.  Now the boys are on the run from the Law, an old rival Vampire Family, a lone werewolf serial killer with connections to Beaux, a reckless vigilante, and a psychopathic human "Folk" Hunter.  They team up with a few allies, including a young formerly prejudice human journalist, and travel along the longest road in the state, Revolver Road, which spans the length of several towns, trying to find a way to clear their names and uncover the secrets that led to the ultimate vampire blood bath....no pun intended.


The chapters of each story will be updated periodically, but I'm pretty much going to focus on one or two at a time, so if you have one that you are particularly interested in and that you would like for me to continue with or at least update after a while, just send me an e-email or comment on the particular story and I'll consider them.  Interest of any kind motivates me to keep going, so doing that will revitalize my ambition to continue whichever story you guys may be interested in.  I'll be sure to keep you informed on any new developments as well.  Thanx for reading!

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