Gener@tion Z - 8. The Scenario Sensation

"You would not believe what I had to go through this morning," Sarah exclaimed as she sat on her blanket beside Robyn the following day.  Robyn was sitting against the wall, her eyes growing bags under them from the restless night she'd had to endure after the class.

"I think have an idea," she said somberly, staring off into space absentmindedly.

A look of concern appeared on Sarah's face when she examined Robyn.  "Hey, are you feeling okay?"

"I'm fine," she replied, rubbing her eyes.  "Just tired.  I didn't get much sleep last night.  And when I finally did and woke up, I thought I was back in the Scenario.  I almost attacked my dad this morning."

"That's exactly how I felt!" Sarah exclaimed.  "I woke up in a cold sweat like three times last night because of what happened in that thing.  The things I saw, it just...it haunted me in my sleep.  And then I woke up, and like you, I thought I was in the Scenario again.  I really couldn't even tell the difference the first time."

"I know exactly what you mean.  I honestly don't see myself benefiting from this dumb program or taking anything from it but a crap load of trauma."

"I hear you," Sarah muttered with worry, taking a snack out of her bag to eat while she waited for class to start.

The classroom was only half-occupied and students were still arriving little by little.  Several minutes in, Ross entered the class and gazed over by the blanket closest to the door to see Louis leaning back against the wall, sitting with his legs folded and his arms crossed, fast asleep.  Ross nudged him on the arm to get his attention.  He opened his eyes quickly and blinked twice before realizing where he was.

"Hey, Louis right?" Ross asked him as Louis looked up at him questionably.

"Yeah, that's me.  Who wants to know?"

"My name is Ross.  I know Royce.  You're friends with him, right?"

"Yeah, we've known each other for years.  Why?"

"Have you seen him around?  He wasn't in my English class today and I wanted to talk to him about what happened yesterday."

"No man, I haven't seen him all day.  I wanted to talk to him too, but I don't think he came to school today.  I wouldn't be surprised if he got fucked up from what happened yesterday."

"That's what I'm thinking to," Ross nodded, swallowing hard before turning to walk to his side of the room.  "Well, nice talking to you."

"Yeah, same to you too."

There was a strange atmosphere in the air, not unlike the one before class the day before, but with an added mixture of caution and the desire to avoid entering this hellhole of the mind all together.  It was on a subconcious level of course, which meant the majority of them weren't going to back down, not when a perfect grade for the semester was on the line.  With that in mind, they sat patiently, waiting for everyone to occupy the class so that Mr. Glass could set up the FEVAR Machine in order for them to survive another day in the ruined version of Ocean Valley.

"I'm telling you, DJ Bleu is a total satanist," Sid explained to Gustavo and Jonah.  "We got hold up at the The Fire Radio Station before class ended and he's got a whole ritual room in the back of the place.  Unless that was some random glitch they put in the Scenario, I'm willing to bet that's what he's really got back there."

"That's really fucked up if that was real," Jonah said, shaking his head.  "I mean this whole Scenario thing can pretty much tell where everything is, anywhere.  So damn, I mean, you wouldn't have any privacy.  People could find out your deepest darkest secrets through this thing."

"Yeah," Gustavo agreed.  "I don't think the creators of this program really thought that through.  Or maybe they did and just didn't care."

"I'd bet my money on the latter," Sid said suspiciously.  "You know the government doesn't give a shit about anybody but themselves.  It's been that way for decades.  It's already an idiotic move for us to have to get in contact with them for relief during a zombie outbreak in the first place.  What SHOULD happen is the government should be providing relief or sending in the National Guard as soon as they hear about it, not nuking it 15 days in.  If that's how it's going to end up happening, I'm putting a fucking bullet in my head at the very start of it."

"I hear you," Jonah said somberly.  "Believe me, I'm the farthest a US Citizen can possibly be from political, but the idea that the government is using this shit to turn us into soldiers or something sounds like it may be about right.  Seems like the only reason at this point.  It's not like it makes any sense for it to exist anyway."

"Really," Sid said, shaking his head pathetically.  He turned around on his blanket and looked at his watch to see that it was nearly 2:30, which meant class was bound to start in a matter of minutes.  After waiting, the class was completely occupied with all of the students that had been around the day before, meaning that they all had the heart to return and see this thing through, at least for another day.  With no further problems, Mr. Glass stood up and addressed the class for another session inside the war-torn land of the Scenario's Ocean Valley.

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