Gener@tion Z - Day 2 - 7:07am


A loud crash erupted outside the station, jogging Sid out of his slumber.  He lept forward from the floor he'd been sleeping on in full alert, gripping tightly to the sword he'd taken from the demonic room and listening intently for anything he may hear outside.  It was pitch black in the Broadcasting room, but a light flickered on and Sid shielded his eyes.  When they adjusted to the light, he saw Beatrice standing over him, her eyes squinted with a tired but alert expression.  Her hair was messy and her make-up had been washed off the night before to prevent it from caking on her face.  If Sid hadn't known any better, he wouldn't have been able to tell it was her without it.  She did have a natural beauty to her appearance but having the punk look she normally sported, there was a deep contrast between school-appropriate rocker Bea and all-natural Bea.  They were both wearing the same clothes from yesterday and they were much more noticeably unkempt than they were just a second ago in the classroom.

"What was that?" she asked quickly.

"You heard it too?" he said, standing up from his sleeping spot.  "It sounded like it came from outside."

"Siobhan?" Bea shouted into the room.  There was no answer.  Sid and Bea exchanged nervous looks with each other.  After a night of no luck with the radio station's transmitter, Siobhan had given up and the three spent the night sleeping on the floor of the Broadcasting room before midnight hit.  Now that they were jerked awake by the crash outside and Siobhan was no where to be found, they were unaware of what exactly to assume.  When they all entered the Scenario at once, would they all awaken at different times, depending on the speed of their descent into the subconcious world?  Would that ever mean certain death if they didn't find a suitable place to hold up for the night or slept without securing their surroundings first?  It would later become a frequent fear for all of the students who waited for their minds to drift as they laid back on the blankets, silently fearing for what they'd wake up to find when they emerged into the dream world of Ocean Valley.

Bea motioned her head toward the hallway that led to the entrance of the station.  Sid gripped his sword tightly and nodded with assurance as she led the way to the door with her own weapon, a black medieval spear, sharpened at its end.  The chairs that blocked the door had been moved, which only meant that Siobhan had exited the room at some point, leaving them there.  This worried Sid, as he speculated that she may have had something to do with that crash, in a bad way.

Bea turned the knob of the door slowly but pulled it back with quick force, holding her weapon ahead of her vigilantly as she peered down either end of the hallway.  When she saw that it was clear, she motioned for Sid to follow her and the two made their way out into the corridor.  They moved quickly until they reached the end of the hall, just before the receptionist's desk.  There was sound coming from the bathroom adjacent to them, clanking loudly as something hit the floor.  Sid exchanged looks with Bea, who returned it and the two moved closer to its entrance.  The two moved on either sides of it, waiting patiently for whatever was occupying it to exit.  Footsteps echoed inside, drawing closer and Sid gripped his weapon even tighter, making eye contact with Bea as he prepared to strike.

Fortunately, Sid made a note to look before he attacked, for when he turned around, Siobhan flashed him a look of absolute horror as she exitted the bathroom.  Sid pulled back the sword in an offensive motion but lowered it at the sight of her.  Bea lowered her weapon too.  Siobhan was so startled that she'd fallen back into the bathroom.

"Holy shit, what the hell was that?" she exclaimed in exasperation.

"Sorry," Sid said, reaching out with Bea to help her to her feet.  "Didn't know what to think might've been in here.  I was hoping it was you."

"You were wishing it was me," she said with a touch of anger in her voice.  "You're lucky you didn't do that before I went to pee.  I would have handed some asses to their owners."

"Did you hear that crash outside?" Bea asked curiously.

"Yeah.  Didn't know what to make of it.  Should we go outside and check?"

"Yeah, just let me go back and get my gun," Sid said, turning around and heading back towards the broadcasting room.

"No need," Siobhan called to him with a confident smirk, reaching into the back of her jeans and flashing his .38 in front of him.  "You didn't think I'd come out of that room without protection, did you?'

Sid sucked his teeth.  "You could have gotten a sword or something like everyone else."

"Yeah, but then I'm not everyone else, now am I?"

"Point noted.  Now let's get out of here."

The trio crept towards the door and pried it open, examining the front parking lot.  The sky was slowly fading into lighter shades of blue as the sun began to peak from under the horizon.  Sid led the way with his sword ahead of him vigilantly, his eyes darting back and forth across the area for movement.  He could feel his heart beating behind his rib cage from the tension.  He needed to be moving faster than this.  He looked back at Bea and Siobhan and nodded to them, signifying that the coast was clear.  He pushed the door open and crept quickly along the side of the building until the group had made their way to its corner.

There was a light flickering by just out of view.  It caught Sid's eye as he followed it, tiptoeing with a steady pace until he reached the corner of the wall.  He crept to its side and spotted what had caused the disturbance.  The massive radio tower that stood behind the station had collapsed.  Wires were sparking dangerously, causing the flickering lights Sid had seen as he approached it.  He had come to a conclusion.  A structure this big wouldn't just randomly fall.  Several other forces or one large force had taken it out.

Sid looked up into the aqua morning sky and his eyes went wide with realization.  "Its a trap," he whispered to himself, before darting back to the others.  "Get back inside!  Now!"

Accompanying his shouts was a symphony of low growls surrounding their current location.  The three looked around frantically to see a horde of infected charging towards them from all directions of the radio station parking lot.

"Head for the van!" Bea screamed, sprinting off on the path they entered from with Sid and Siobhan racing behind her.  As soon as Bea rounded the corner, a zombie perked out from the side and rushed after her.  Her spear at the ready, she jabbed the large metal rod into the creature's skull, blood spewing from its wound freely.  Its monstrous screams of pain overshadowed the growls behind them and Bea lifted her leg, using the zombie for momentum to pull the spear out.  When it fell to the ground, Bea continued across the parking lot in front of the station.  Sid and Siobhan trailed behind, Siobhan firing into the crowd with the .38 and Sid swiping at the ones closest to them with the sword.

"Damn, this thing is heavy," Sid complained, as he swung the blade across the neck of one zombie that began to rush him and then another that crept along behind.

Siobhan noticed this and her eyes widdened.  "Sid, NO!  Don't cut their heads off!"

"What, why?" Sid asked, turning back to her.  Suddenly, his eyes went wide as well when he realized his mistake.  "Oh crap."

On cue, the dismembered heads of the two zombies he'd decapitated began to role to the closest infected individual and Sid watched as he bent down, allowing the two heads to attach themselves to it.

"Run!" Sid screamed, taking off after Bea with Siobhan following closely.  There was no point in fighting their way out with their enemies growing stronger.  It was time to leave.  As soon as she reached the van, Bea forced the door open and hopped inside.  She reached below the steering wheel and touched the two ripped wires together as the car revved to life.  With a smile on her face, she reached over and pulled the gear back to reverse, flooring the pedal and spinning the wheel widely until the van had spun around to face the others.  With its high beams on max, Sid and Siobhan shielded their eyes and ran for the doors of the van, while the Infected behind them were briefly incapacitated.  Except for one.  The zombie who had now been upgraded with a full-torso armor of nearly indestructable exoskeleton was able to stare into the bright light without being deterred.  The van door slid open and Sid allowed Siobhan to hop inside first.

Surveying the two menacingly, the armored zombie reached up and ripped off a part of its exoskeleton which was plated on its chest, reared back, and hurled it in Sid's direction with the formation of a discus tosser.  Sid, not noticing the move, prepared to hop inside the van, but not before the broken exoskeleton piece slid down by the wheel of the van and sliced directly through the back of his calf.  As soon as it registered in his brain, Sid screamed out in agony before launching himself limply into the back of the van.  Siobhan reached in front of him and slid the door closed as Bea punched the gas pedal and spun the vehicle out of the parking lot with zombies aimlessly chasing after them.

"What happened, what happened?!" Bea asked frantically, trying to gaze into the back seat and keep her eyes on the road at the same time.

"I don't fucking know!" Sid shouted through the winced anguish in his voice.  He pressed his hand over the wound as the blood oozed copiously from the sliced portion of his calf.  "Something cut me in the leg."

"Are you infected?" Bea asked with worry.

"I don't think so.  None of them were close enough to do any damage.  Fuck, this hurts."

"Here," Siobhan said securely, reaching around her waist and lifting her shirt off.  Sid froze momentarily as he stared at her torso, which was only clothed with a small bra to hold her above-average-sized breasts.  She reached over and began to wrap the T-Shirt around his wound tightly to apply pressure.  Sid swallowed hard and gritted his teeth through the pain.  When she was done, she leaned back on the side of the van door and sighed in relief.

"Jeez," Sid declared with a smile.  "Didn't know you were packing like that."

"Well, I've been to a shooting range before, so I know my way around a gun," Siobhan said, surveying the .38 in her hand.

"I actually meant uh...."  Sid rubbed the back of his head and lightly pointed up towards her.

Siobhan looked at him confusedly until she saw that he was pointing at her chest.  She looked down quickly and then back up at him, reaching over to punch him in the arm.

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