Beaux & Aero - Prologue - "The Rise and Fall of New Devon: From the Capital of Mythlore Pride To Supernatural Cesspool of Crime and Corruption"

The Rise and Fall of New Devon: From Capital of Mythlore Pride To Cesspool of Crime and Corruption

New Devon.  An American state that possesses just about as much historical value as others in the United States combined.  But within the massive collection of documented stories, events, and legends engulfed in the rich history of New Devon, nothing was more memorable than its role in catalyzing the first step in the fight for equality among all beings - including the kinds that most wouldn't normally consider equal at the time.  Mythlores.  These "supernatural" humanoids, once thought to have existed only in myth, had been living among us for thousands of years under our very noses and later shunned from society ever since evidence of their existence, which was rapidly fading into obscurity, was revealed to the public in the early 1800's.  From possessing the highest population of mythlores in the entire world, to possessing the highest mortality rate of mythlores in the entire world due to prejudicial "huntings," it ironically evolved into the personified figurehead for a new movement, particularly in the state's capital city of Allsborough.  In 1970, growing off of the momentum of the US abolishment of racial segregation and the Jim Crow laws, the world moved towards the promotion of what became known as "Civil Earthling Rights."  Before this, the hunting and extermination of supernatural creatures that posed a threat to the human race continued to remain completely legal.

In 1972, a young teenager and Allsborough resident by the name of Colin Spiegel was responsible for the rallying of several million citizens, both human and mythlore, in the town square of the city to begin a protest against species segregation and the violence against mythlores.  His motivation for the movement: a lover of whom he had been infatuated with since childhood and who also happened to be a full-blooded vampire was killed by a group of hunters and there had been no investigation into the incident by local police.  In the midst of his grief, Colin developed a heated passion that drove him to avenge her by means of ensuring that no innocent mythlore or human sympathizer should have to experience injustice of such a magnitude and have it overlooked by authorities again.  Colin raised money with a group of friends and the movement grew larger than they could have anticipated.  The protest was televised, inspiring groups from all over the United States to call for reform.  It wasn't long before the Human/Mythlore Equality Act of 1972 was passed, allowing the two sentient entities to coexist.  The Act was first announced in Allsborough, beginning its movement towards transforming the city into a welcome environment for humans and mythlores alike.  Restaurants, work places, and public areas were constructed for that very purpose.  After thousands of years spanning the course of human mistreatment of their genetic cousins, things finally seemed to be moving in the right direction.

1995.  Allsborough is a much different place.  The crime rate has escalated exponentially.  The existence of "alleged" underground crime rings led by mythlores became common knowledge.  The state's reputation was everything but clean.  Many of the modern humans of this time were regretting the movement that their grandparents set into motion but after the establishment of a somewhat forced political correctness, no one was willing to speak out against it less they be chastised by the public for their opinions and potential accusations.  Most who spoke about the crime problem avoided generalizing it as a mythlore problem and denoted it just to crime in general, although a good 75% of said crimes were committed by members of the subclass.  Things were not turning out how everyone imagined.  Part of the reason for this was that in 1982, a decade after the movement, Colin Spiegel, who had then become the mayor of Allsborough and at the time, had been working on his platform for the coming election  the New Devon State Senate, disappeared without a trace and hadn't been seen or heard from since.  His body was never found, but he was thought to have been murdered by a Lycanthrope, due to evidence left in his abandoned apartment.

The reality of it was that mythlores ruled the city as well as the state.  Its economy was now fed upon and driven by their businesses, both legal and illegal, and there was nothing that the humans could do to change that.  Their only form of defense against them were the New Devon Mythlore Response Team or the NDMRT (MRT for short), a task force that was formed for the specific purpose of hunting down dangerous mythlore criminals.  They represented themselves as a symbol of hope for the residents of Allsborough, generally the humans more than mythlores, when behind closed doors, the syndicate thrived through corruption, accepting bribes and extorting money from the mythlore organizations in exchange for turning their heads from their illegal activities.  Rumors of this, among rumors that a hate organization targeting mythlores were the ones providing funding for the MRT, began to surface due to the allegations made by Angel Prosecutor and Mythlore Society of the United States representative, Sariel Walden.

Despite the controversy and growing renewed prejudice towards mythlores, the majority of them remained unphased, especially those involved with the criminal underworld.  At the time, and as it remains today, there were only seven known organizations that operated in New Devon.  The vampires operated mainly in the Financial District of North Allsborough, via Corporalamia, a large pharmaceutical company.  It was run by CEO Gustav Wostlovich, a vampiric Russian immigrant, World War II Veteran, and "ex-criminal" as purported by the media after the release of his ex-wife's tell-all book about his rise to fame.  According to the book, the organization itself was originally funded by the profit made by Gustav’s criminal affiliations, but due to the violent nature of his past, Gustav was prevented from fully abandoning it when his business grew.  Through a clandestine “Shadow Branch” within Corporalamia's heirarchy, Gustav began to fund the equipment and weapons that were used by the other criminal organizations of New Devon through back-alley negotiations, under-the-table deals, and secret off-shore banking accounts used to store his extra income.  Their most closely associated allies at the time were the Paratelli Family, a Vampire Mafia run by Gustav's close friend, Vincenzo Paratelli.  Because of this, the Shadow Branch handled the illegal dealings of the organization while Gustav kept his mind focused on the more important affairs of his company.  Laws were established to prevent the consumption of human blood, while blood and protein cuisine restaurants were established to feed their everlasting hunger.

There were also lycanthropes, who, when not abiding by the politically correct term, are simply referred to as wolfmen.  At the time, many of them ran a drug and racketeering cartel operating in the Phantom Providence of West Archer, close to the docks of Cape Sohmer.  The Cartel, nicknamed by most in the underworld as "Frey’s Guard", was led by Wolfwoman, Jacqueline Frey, the widow of the Cartel’s previous owner, Adam Frey, who many suspect was murdered by his wife years ago after a domestic dispute and subsequently passed the "Guard" to her through his unchanged will. Frey’s Guard’s most popular selling drug is a Lycanthrope exclusive, a stimulant called Moon Juice.  Its effects are immediate and puts the mind into a relaxed state while the body reverts to the Man-Wolf form and grows savage, taking on the stereotypical “savage werewolf” form that humans know from ancient folklore.

Joining the Vampires and the Wolfmen were the Spirits.  For a small street gang that was completely wiped out in a vendetta brought on by a host of rival gangs, the opportunity to return to Earth after their untimely deaths was too sweet to pass up.  Upon the return, they massacred the competition and the gang grew in numbers, filling their ranks with other aspiring spirits and eventually migrated to New Devon, making the metropolis of Caleidos their base of operations in order to further expand their empire.  The gang known across the state as the White Sheets, were once speculated to be virtually indestructible, due to their supposed immortality and ability to make themselves transparent as well as phase through solid objects. It wasn't until the MRT created a brand of ammunition specifically created to harness Anti-Ectoplasmic solutions inside them that an opposition began to form against them.  When shot with it, the ectoplasmic atoms that hold the structure of a spirit together are broken apart until their body structure collapses and their soul is automatically reverted back to the afterlife.  During the Great Mythlore Unveiling in the 1800's, humans were under the impression that most, if not all spirits were spiritually attached to the location of their death and would remain there, "haunting" the location for all eternity.  This was quickly disproven, as it was later discovered that, while spirits were often drawn to the location where they crossed over to the other side and find it to be a place of comfort, "haunting for eternity" was a horrible misconception that was quickly unlearned when spirits began to openly populate their towns, inadvertedly terrifying locals.

Among those Mythlores, there were also the Angels, who, despite their divine nature, were considered one of the bigger nuisances of the mythlore criminal organizations.  After being given free will by the Almighty himself (although in some cases were believed to have been thrown out of heaven), the Angels assimilated to earthling culture, many of them asserting themselves into becoming a biker gang known as the New Watchers, named after a legion of fallen angels cast out of heaven several thousand years ago.  They are led by Michael, the Archangel, famous for his victory in the war against Lucifer, his army, and the demonic Dragon under his control.  Michael was powerful and very noble in his leadership, putting his allies before himself, although many of the other angels he cared for never showed the same hospitality.  The majority of them are obnoxious and hostile, which is why they've gained a reputation for ruling the streets of New Devon, (due to their biker status) rather than a specific turf.

Following the angels are their sworn enemies, as are they the enemies of all other criminal organizations and are the most discriminated against by all other humans and humanoids: the Demons.  Still believed to be products of Lucifer himself, it is understandable why many hold such prejudices.  What many do not know is that the particular group of demons that inhabit Earth no longer serve under the "Dark Prince."  They are completely freelanced and now populate the Earth in secrecy, as they are the most humanoid of all mythlores, only distiginguishable from other humans by a small birthmark of an upside-down pentagram somewhere on their body, usually varying between individuals.  In the criminal underworld, it was also hard for the demons to be accepted since many of them began to operate under a radical organization known as the Fallen Sky Militia, suspected of being a domestic terrorist front run by a rogue demon named Samael.  Fallen Sky, despite suspicions, did not attack or protest without motive.  There was a purpose to everything they did, as they would not attack in small quantities, unless it was used to fund a larger attack.  They were thwarted by the MRT on numerous occasions but their conflicts had at one point grown intense enough to have the whole state put on emergency lockdown.  Their headquarters remained unknown for the duration of its existence.  Both angels and demons can only be killed by customized christened weaponry, patented by the MRT.

Second to last and the final in the immediate ND criminal underworld were the Djinn, who ruled the Rockstep Projects in the small town of Parkwell, which bordered Caleidos.  Aside from a semi-large street gang called the Lamps who actively rivaled the White Sheets, the Djinn didn't have a large grip on criminal proceedings in New Devon or anywhere else in the country aside from what was perceived as average criminal activity that constituted a flaw in character, rather than a collective racial disfunction as many of the humans believed resided with the other mythlorian races.  As a result, Djinn are the most socially accepted and least discriminated mythlorian race of their kind.  They tend to still carry negative stereotypes (many Djinn find the portrayal of the character "Genie" in the Disney film, Alladin, to be highly offensive), but due to the massive entrepreneurship and the positive effect they've had on modern society, they usually interact with humans more than any other race, from having the most mythlorian celebrities in hollywood, to being featured positively and very often as popular characters on television shows.  If a mythlorian were to ever be elected President of the United States, it would be a Djinn.

The seventh and final mythlorian race that inhabits New Devon are a complicated bunch.  They are categorized as Nymphs, an all-female fairy-like race.  These light-blue skinned, green haired beauties are not technically considered part of the criminal underworld, as they do not operate under violence or territory, but they do delve into illegal affairs from time to time.  Many of them make a profit through prostitution, which has become incredibly popular because of its lack of consequences, so long as the solicitors and solicitees are not caught.  Nymphs are unable to contract venereal diseases and unable to give birth to the offspring of those outside of their races.  Male Nymphs are known to all as Elves, but a mysterious illness that surfaced in the 1600's wiped the majority of them out over the period of a hundred years, while rendering many of the surviving elves sterile.  Elves are now an endangered class, but it is often that a few will surface in society and there is even a small community of Elves and Nymphs located in the small New Devon settlement of Cottle Town.  With a longer lifespan than any other mythlorian race, most of their ages exceed several milleniums.  The prostitution ring that they are involved in is headed by Lorelei Zorlanda, one of the oldest of the race.  All nymphs maintain their youthful appearance for the full extent of their lifespan.

These seven races and six criminal organizations had succeeded in making New Devon a state run almost exclusively by mythlores, while the decreasing population of humans in the state gave an indication that a species-specific form of "white flight" was occurring in the wake of this.  Those that continued to stay did it for both selfless and selfish reasons alike, but the silent feud between humans and mythlores proceeded to grow.  Though it had yet to fully surface or become actively voiced by society for all to hear, the tension was still highly present and it was only a matter of time before someone unleashed the hell that was slowly brewing in the state of New Devon....

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