Night Bird Flying Reference List

Jimi Hendrix and other Rock Reference list:
- The lyrics to each song after which the chapters are named, reflect the events of each chapter.

- Johnny B. Goode's name comes from the title of Chuck Berry's most famous song, also frequently covered by Jimi Hendrix.

- Johnny's appearance is loosely based on the likeness of Jimi Hendrix, who was also a left-handed guitarist.

- Johnny's guitar, the Night Bird, is named after the song, Night Bird Flying, after which the story is named.

- The principal’s proposal to get Johnny to break up with his white girlfriend in exchange for a clean record comes from a fake story that Jimi Hendrix told to the gullible media as the reason for his own expulsion.

- Johnny is playing the guitar and says to Will "At least I've still got my guitar.  Look out now."  The line comes directly from the original Are You Experienced version of the song, “Red House.”

- A passing traveler goes by Johnny saying, "Play on, brother."  The line comes from the song, Highway Child, after which the chapter was named and is also repeated in the song, If 6 Was 9.

- The city of Ladyland, California is named after the Jimi Hendrix Experience's third and final studio album, “Electric Ladyland,” along with the name of the bus station Johnny arrives at, Port Electric.

- Uncle Chuck's appearance is loosely based on the likeness of Chuck Berry, as is his first name.

- Uncle Chuck's neighborhood, the Gypsy Sun Park, is named after Jimi's temporary band set-up during the Woodstock '69 performance, Gypsy Sun and Rainbows.

- Johnny's second school, Garfield High, is named after the actual school that Jimi Hendrix attended during high school in Seattle, Washington.

- Maybelline Walker's first name comes from another popular Chuck Berry song of the same name.

- The story behind Johnny's name in which he mentions Johnny C is a reference to Johnny Cash.

- Johnny confronts Hal and Hal mistakenly calls him "Lenny."  This is a reference to Lenny Kravitz.

- In Uncle Chuck's car on the ride home from his first day at Garfield High, Johnny says "I don't take nothin' for an answer.  Especially no."  This is a line from the Hendrix song, Voodoo Child.

- The first name for Johnny's band, Class of '70, is named after the year that Jimi Hendrix died.

- Marty McFly is named after the character from the movie, Back To The Future, because of his rendition of the song, Johnny B. Goode, performed by the character of the same name.

- After kissing May, Johnny comments by saying "Felt like kissin' the sky."  This is a line taken directly from the song, Purple Haze.

- Johnny's father, James Marshall Goode, has his first and middle name derived from Jimi Hendrix's legal name.

- The band's first venue, Shire Village is based on a frequent venue where Jimi performed during his time in New York City, Greenwich Village, although it does not resemble it in appearance.

- Joey's arrival at Apricot's house with the shotgun is a reference to the events in the song, Hey Joe, after which the chapter is named.

- Johnny's three occurrences on his way to the apartments, watching children playing Cowboys and Indians in the park, the young dismal woman in the wheelchair, and the drunken man thrown out of his room by the angry woman are all moments that are chronicled in the song, Castles Made of Sand, after which the chapter is named.

- Nesta's appearance and mannerisms are loosely based on Bob Marley, along with sharing the same name (Bob‘s middle name was Nesta).

- Electric Church is an actual belief that was popularized by Jimi Hendrix and the Jimi Hendrix Experience as well as many other followers of psychedelic music during the 1960's.

- The club, The Spanish Castle, is named after the former club in Washington that served as inspiration for the song, Spanish Castle Magic, after which the chapter is named.

- The band that helps Electric Church, Dragonfly, has their name taken from a line in the song, Spanish Castle Magic.  When Johnny expresses his gratitude toward Lesley, he states "Its already taken about half a day to get there."  Both references originate from the line: "Its very far away, it takes about half a day to get there, if we travel by the Dragonfly."

- The concept of Johnny talking to May through the window and being shot by Will is loosely chronicled in the song, Wait Till Tomorrow.

- May's real name, Ramona Miles, is named after another, more obscure Chuck Berry song, Hey Ramona.

- The lines that Johnny's father's spirit sings come directly from the song, All Along the Watchtower, after which the chapter is named.

- Guardian Avenue's former manager and current mayor of Ladyland, Chandler Michaels, has his name derived from Jimi Hendrix's two managers, Chas Chandler and Michael Jeffrey.

- The singing voice that Johnny hears in his dream sings fragments of the lyrics to the song, Night Bird Flying.

- When May greets Johnny outside in the studio hallway, she says "Can I step into your world for a while?" taken directly from the song, Hey Baby (New Rising Sun).

- Just before striking Will, Johnny says the words "Fall Mountain," a line taken from the song, If 6 Was 9.

- When Johnny says his final farewells to the Night Bird, he says "Fly On" taken from the songs, Night Bird Flying and Little Wing.

- Johnny's new guitar is named The Experience, after The Jimi Hendrix Experience.

- Johnny's guitar in the Epilogue is called the Axis, after The Jimi Hendrix Experience's second album, Axis: Bold as Love.

- Johnny's grandson in the Epilogue, Leon Goode, is named after Leon Hendrix, Jimi Hendrix's younger brother.

- Lesley and Dino's second band is called Machine Gun, named after the song by Jimi Hendrix.

Black Guitar By Goliath Warfare - A song written and performed by QJ Goodwin along with fellow musician, Terence Harris, with lyrics heavily inspired and based on "Night Bird Flying."

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