Rad Munday - Case #1: Land Of The Lycan Act IV

Rad and Laser took a vacant car from the street, hotwired it, and sent it flying down the road that was currently covered in giant ferocious beasts.

"Isn't there a fence or something that's supposed to go up at night for these guys?" Laser asked curiously as they proceeded to dodge the lycans, praying that they did nothing to retaliate.  So far, they seemed to be tending to their own businesses.  As long as they did nothing to antagonize them, they felt they would be fine.

"Its supposed to, but you see how they didn't really board up the town much.  I don't think they plan on returning."

"So what's this mental condition that Fleming apparently has?"

"Its like a lycan personality disorder," Rad answered, keeping his eyes on the road.  "You know how we humans have two parts of our minds: The conscious and the unconscious mind?"


"Well lycans have three parts: The conscious, the unconscious, and the cannis conscious mind.  The cannis conscious is the part of them you're seeing right now."

"The werewolf part."

"Exactly.  Its primitive and barely knows what its doing, so its only used in situations like this.  However, it is apart of their mind and it does think on its own, so its almost like a second personality."

"I think I see where this is going," Laser said.

"Yeah.  Thing is when Don first used the Apocalyptican to teach him and his brother how to become Therians, he inadvertedly gave his cannis conscious a little more intelligence.  Enough to make it think for itself sentiently.  It was probably because of his use of the Apocalyptican to meet his demands; it has adverse effects on its readers like that.  I'm willing to bet that its his cannis conscious that is giving the orders, the one that wants to begin the Age of the Wolf.  Don had actually created a second email address and was communicating with his cannis conscious through it as he planned this whole thing out.  I bet his regular conscious is probably just a slave.  I believe this was probably the reason why his thoughts came out choppy when you tried to read his mind, they were being overshadowed and deliberately hidden by the cannis conscious."

"Wow," Laser said, looking back at the road.  "So did you find out anything else?"

Rad looked over at Laser with obvious hesitation.  "No," he said finally, turning back to the road.



"I can read your mind."

Rad swore under his breath and rubbed his head awkwardly.

"Its okay, I won't tell anyone," Laser said, looking back on the road as they took a right turn onto the next street.  "That's kind of fucked up"-

"I don't want to talk about it," Rad said firmly, his expression blank.

"Okay, I understand.  Let's just hope this municipaldragon34 isn't who you think it is."

As the two continued on, a large sprinting werewolf charged across the street right in their path and Rad reacted.  He jerked the wheel but the back end of the car still hit the figure, causing it to spin out of control and flip through the air several times before crashing to a stop upside down.  Rad slithered quickly out of the broken passenger side window, relatively unscathed but rattled by the crash.  He had the Fat Lady at the ready, his eyes darting about vigilantly.  A large lycan was charging toward him from his right side.  He turned to it and fired a tranquilizer bolt directly at it, causing it to fall to its knees and slid to a stop next to the car.  There was another one coming from the opposite end of the street, which Rad was forced to put down in the same way.  As he took out more and more of the lycans that were swarming them, Laser climbed out of the car as well and spotted a lycan that happened to be standing on top of the building right by where they had crashed, but out of Rad's line of view.

"Rad, look out!" He shouted as the lycan launched forward, propelling itself into the air.  Rad turned around and saw it falling forward, its claws reared back for the strike.  He fired a tranquilizer at it quickly and dove out of the way as it collapsed onto the concrete road where he'd just been standing.  Rad stood up and took a heavy sigh.

"That was too close."

"Sorry, I didn't have enough time to stop it," Laser said, catching his breath as well.

"Its fine.  We've got to keep going on foot.  Let's go."  Rad and Laser pressed on down the road, keeping a wary eye out for any lycans that happened to catch their scent or spot them as they crept along quickly and silently.  They were forced to cut through a wooded area to get to the next part of town, coming out right behind Horace's trailer in front of the culdesac of dirt and old equipment.  Continuing on, they sprinted along the pathway that led to the fence where Rad and Reuben had chased Markus.  Rad helped haul Laser over and Rad followed him by climbing over by himself.  They kept walking, Rad shooting down any lycan that spotted them with a tranquilizer bolt.  There weren't many that were deliberately antagonizing them on their journey, but the ones that did had to be dealt with.  Rad formulated a plan as he went.  They needed to find Sheriff Fleming.  Whether or not he'd be in his human form was hard to determine because unless he was hiding somewhere in the confides of lycanberg, it was kind of likely that he would be in his werewolf form, simply to blend in with the others.  On the other hand, Rad could imagine being a sentient therian in a town full of crazed werewolves would be like being a teenager playing on a tremendous daycare/playground with young children.  The entertainment would ware out fast.  One thing was for sure though: Don needed to be captured alive.  Above anything, Rad needed to find the whereabouts of the Apocalyptican just in case Don was actually in possession of it.  It was a dangerous object and needed to be contained or else they could have another apocalyptic scenario on their hands.

As they continued to run across the streets of Neshoba, Rad could hear his communicator come to life with the sound of Reuben's voice slightly strained and partially exhausted.  "Cliff," it croaked weakly.  "Brooke, Laser, anyone."

"Reuben," Rad said as he kept moving.  "Where are you?"

"Oh God, Oh God!"


"I'm...damn it.  I'm at the warehouse!"

"We're headed there now."  Rad and Laser sprinted ahead to the big tree behind the warehouse.  They burst in through the back door, but were forced to stop in their tracks...at the sight of four lycans gathered around in the center of the empty building.  Rad and Laser hadn't been noticed yet, but they could see that the lycans were staring up at a figure that happened to be hanging from the ceiling by a rope with his arms also bound.  Closer observation showed them that it was Reuben, hanging by his ankles upside down at the whim of the lycans below him.  The lycans were hopping into the air, hoping to get their claws on the dangling slab of vampire meat hanging above them.  Out of the corner of his eye, Rad spotted one of the lycans climbing up an old scaffolding structure, trying to make its way closer to Reuben.  Parts of it broke off on its journey upward.  Once it had readied itself to pounce for him, Rad held up the Fat Lady and fired three tranquilizer bolts at it, causing the lycan to fall from the scaffolding, colliding with the metal poles and wooden planks on the way down.  As the other lycans caught wind of what was happening, Rad fired another round of bolts in their direction and dropping them where they stood.  Once they had fallen, Reuben took a sigh of relief.

"All right, now get me down from here," he said forcefully.

"I didn't hear a please or a thank you," Rad teased, standing casually.

"I am going to slit your throat and watch you bleed to"-

"You're not going to do anything stuck up there."

Reuben sighed annoyingly.  "Please get me down from here."

"Good boy."  Rad raised the Fat Lady and reached into his coat pocket, pulling out a small metal shuriken.  He took out the bolts already fixed into the crossbow and replaced them with the shuriken before aiming up above the rope and firing.  The shuriken sliced through the air and cut through the rope, allowing Reuben to fall.  He broke the part of the rope that bound his feet, flipped through the air, and landed gracefully directly in front of the two.  He walked over to them bitterly.  "Need me to cut off"-

"I've got it," Reuben answered aggressively, straining hard and finally tearing out of the ropes that bound his arms together.  The threads sprinkled onto the floor of the warehouse and he was finally free.  "Now.  Let's get that bastard, Fleming."

"You know where he is?" Laser asked curiously.

"Yeah, he was the one who tied me up there and left me with the varmins.  He's in the church."

"Let's go get him then," Rad said as they turned and headed for the exit of the warehouse.  Just then, something occurred to him.  "Oh yeah, you owe me a free save by the way, Reuben.  Don't think I'll forget."

Reuben snarled silently as they sprinted out onto the street in front of the church and burst through, vigilant and on the offensive, ready for anything that might be waiting for them on the other side.  Laser was instructed by Rad telepathically to fill Reuben in on the situation so he wouldn't pounce after Don with murderous intent.  The church was empty but they could hear loud noises come from the back room behind the altar where someone was shouting.  The trio dashed across the church to the back and burst through to see three people in the room: Horace who stood in front of Don and the woman who had been leading the congregation earlier, Don holding the latter at gunpoint with his arm around her torso tightly.  As soon as they burst through, Don, who had been startled by the sudden intrusion accidentally pulled the trigger, firing the gun into the woman's head.

"NO!" Don screamed as she fell from his grip and slumped to the ground, blood spilling from her temple onto the floor.

"Oh crap!" Rad exclaimed, watching the scene unfold in front of him.

"Don't worry about it," Horace declared loudly, sprinting forward at Don and grabbing him by the throat, pinning him against the wall.  "She was in on it with him.  All of the mothers were.  They gave up their daughters for this madness."

"Horace!" Don struggled to say under the pressure of his brother's grip.  "You can't get him out this way!"

"Horace, what are you doing?" Laser shouted.

"He had the woman at gunpoint to stop me from attacking him.  He knows what I want.  Give me what I want!"

"He's not going to give you what you want!" Don shouted at him.  "Aggression is not going to get him out."

"Horace, we know what's going on," Rad explained calmly.  "We know that Don's cannis conscious is the mastermind behind all of this."

"Did he tell you that?!" Don shouted back at them.  "You don't understand"-

Suddenly, Don stopped speaking and his face went blank.  A moment later, he reached forward and forced his palm into the side of Horace's elbow.  It snapped inward from the movement and as Horace called out in pain, Don shot forward from the wall, placed his hands on Horace's chin and the back of his head, and snapped his neck with abnormal ease.  Horace collapsed to the floor and Don stood over him triumphantly.

"Its over, young one," he whispered under his breath.  The three of them could see that Don's pupils were now glowing a bright golden hue.  "Sleep in peace now."

Rad rose the Fat Lady angrily.  "Stop right there."

Don looked up at Rad with gentle eyes and spoke with a voice as graceful as smoke.  "Please put your weapon down, Radcliffe."

Rad was slightly taken aback.  "How do you know my name?"

"I've been told exactly who you are.  You're the Disciple."

"Who's Disciple?  What are you talking about?"

"In due time, Radcliffe.  Now if you'll excuse me."  Don turned quickly and in the blink of an eye, reverted to his lycan form and dove through the window at the end of the room, sprinting on all fours into the woods behind the church.  Rad ran to the window and dove through, aiming the Fat Lady at the shadow that was fading into the darkness of the forest.  He pulled the trigger but there was a click.  Rad pulled the weapon back to him and realized that he hadn't re-administered the tranquilizer bolts he'd taken out when he'd replaced it with the shuriken and Horace was already too far ahead for him to have time to do it now.  He couldn't use the Poison-Laced, Lethal, or Explosive bolts, since he needed Don and his cannis alive.  It was apparent that he knew more than Horace had let on.  They needed to find him and fast.


Reuben scouted ahead and found Don in the middle of an empty field in the town's park, directing the other lycans to the location.  Rad and Laser had made it to the top of a hill overlooking the field, watching the scene unfold before them.  Don's cannis conscious was controlling the crowd of lycans from the top of a makeshift wooden platform in the center of the field with relative ease, speaking in an unknown language that they somehow understood and this alone kept them at bay for the time being.

"Reuben, we're in position," Rad said into his watch communicator.

"Good.  I hope you're right about this."

"I already know I am.  He's using the printed off copies from the book to address the crowd," Rad responded, watching as Don pulled out several folded sheets of paper from deep within his jacket pocket and unfolded them while the crowd of lycans watched him patiently.  They stared at him in wonder, all standing on all fours, paying the utmost attention to the man standing before them from the top of the wooden podium.  "What is he saying?  Do you know?"

"Hard to say," Laser said, trying to interpret his thoughts from afar.  "Sounds like he's telling them they're about to be liberated or something to that effect...now he's reciting the spell.  The big one.  But in a language that only the wolves will be able to understand."

"Figured as much.  The spell is pretty long, so we've got a bit of time.  This should be easy."

"Easy?" Laser said, turning to him in confusion.  "Are you sure about that?"

"Meh," Rad shrugged.  In the process, he reached into his jacket pocket and pulled the Fat Lady out once again, lying it down in front of him and prying into the side of it with his fingernails.

"What are you doing?"

"About to use another one of the features of the Fat Lady.  Don't worry, its simple.  I only use it when I run out of bolts for the crossbow."  Rad pried open the light and pulled it back for Laser to see what was inside.  There was a small black device, about the size of a marker that Rad grabbed first and accompanying them was a collection of arrows lying inside.  Rad slid back two prongs on either end of the marker-like device and then held it out in the palm of his hand as the little device began to unfold and transform into a thin fully functional shooting bow.  He grabbed one of the arrows from inside the Fat Lady and stood up with it, obscured from the sight of anyone down on the field by the trees and bushes surrounding him.

"Whoa," Laser said, astonished.  "How are you able to configure this thing to handle all of these functions?"

"Just something me and a friend of mine came up with together called cyber-sorcery.  Kind of an interesting means of combining technology with magic."

"But I thought the two were incapable of compatibility."

Rad shrugged while attaching the elastic string from one limb of the bow to the other.  "That was determined back when electronics were first developing.  People came to the conclusion that magic doesn't work with any form of technology, but with today's, they fit together like bread and butter.  You'd be surprised."

"Wow," Laser said.  "So who was the friend that helped you make it?"

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

"Well I can always read your mind to verify."

"Go ahead then."

Laser focused before his eyes went wide with excitement.  "No way!"

"Yep," Rad said, nodding proudly.  "Maybe you'll get to meet him one day."

"Wow, I can't believe its true.  He really did make Philosopher's Stone."

"Yeah," Rad said, looking up annoyingly.  "And he never stops bragging about it either."

With the bow now completely configured, Rad slid the arrow into place, pulling back on the string and measuring his aim and distance.  Down below, the lycans began to roar in unison at Don, who was addressing them with a fiery passion, as if he were completely in control of their will.

"You might need to hurry it up there, Robin Hood, we don't know how much time we've got left before he finishes," Reuben said impatiently through the communicator.  "And make sure you make that shot count, we can't get another one."

"Hey, you want to come up here and do this?" Rad said irritably.

"Just shut up and shoot the damn thing before I come up there and shove it up your ass."

"Kinky," Rad said, readying the arrow in his bow and aiming his sights down at the figure below.  "Too bad I don't swing that way."

With his target in sight, Rad aimed directly at the spot right above Sheriff Fleming's head, paying attention to his movements on the wooden stage as he recited the spell.  As soon as Don stepped in the arrow's path, Rad took a slow exhale and released the arrow from his grip.  The arrow zipped through the air swiftly, shooting at full speed towards its target.

Just before embedding itself into the back of the Sheriff's head, the Sheriff swung his arm up grabbed the arrow out of midair, his eyes still glued to the pages in his hand.  Rad heard Laser gasp and he lowered the bow just as the Sheriff turned and looked directly up into the hill where the group was standing.

"You must think I'm stupid!" he shouted with a devious smirk.  "You're gonna have to try harder than that"-

At that exact moment, Rad hit a small button on the bow's grip and the tip of the arrow inflated quickly before bursting into a a shower of thick blue liquid.  It immediately covered the Sheriff's clothing and the entire surface of the papers he held in his hands, of which he nearly dropped from the force of the mini-explosion.  The Sheriff wiped his face of the liquid exasperately before looking down at the pages to see that they were covered in the liquid as well.

"No," he muttered in disbelief, trying to shake off the slimey substance and wipe it off of the pages, but they were all ruined and unreadable.  The content on all of them was smudged beyond recognition.  "No, no no no NO!"

Don slammed the wet pages onto the wooden stage and looked up angrily at where Rad and Laser were hiding, shrouded by the woods.

"Told you this would be easy," Rad smirked at Laser.  Suddenly, Don in a furious rage, pointed directly at their hiding spot and screamed incoherently in the language of the wolves, causing every single one of them to turn in their direction.  "Uh, oh."

Growling menacingly in unison, the congregation of werewolves began to charge forward and stampeded in Rad and Laser's direction.

"Eas,y my ass," Laser exclaimed, already getting a headstart.

"He's all yours, Reuben," Rad said, gathering the remains of the Fat Lady, shoving them into his peacoat pocket and making off after Laser.

"Thanks, mate," Reuben said gratefully.  "Well done."

As the crowd of lycans sprinted off up the hill and into the woods after Rad and Laser, Don, angered and defeated, reached down to pick up the papers and examine them even more thoroughly to see if there was any hope of uncovering the rest of the spell's incantation from the pages, but found that it was a lost cause.  He would need to print off another batch from his office and try again later.  As he began to step off from the podium and revert back into his wolf form, he heard a voice call out to him.

"Slow down there, cowboy," Reuben called out to him, walking out from the wood works just a few yards from the stage that was previously surrounded by giant canines.  "Since you want to be dumb enough to commit the crime, you're gonna be dumb enough to face the consequences.  And by consequences I mean me tearing your ass apart."

Don looked over at Reuben with a confident smirk, stepping off of the platform and walking in his direction.  "You sound pretty sure of yourself there, cold-blood.  You sure you've got the chops to back it up."

"Oh I know I do," Reuben answered.  He began to crack his knuckles with his thumbs.  "Question is, do you?"

With no response, Don shouted at the top of his lungs and his already torn and wet Sheriff clothes expanded, filling with his huge muscles and growing hair until he towered over Reuben in full werewolf form.  "Does this answer you question?"

Reuben swallowed nervously but without a show of fear.  "Yes.  Yes it does."

The behemoth-like monster charged forward with its arm reared back and Reuben leaned down in an offensive stance ready for anything.  As the werewolf swung its tremendous claws at him, Reuben knocked it away roughly with his own arm and tossed himself into the air, delivering a powerful side-kick to the side of Don's face.  The blow caused him to stagger away as Reuben landed gracefully back on to the ground.  Reuben smiled and sprinted for the incapacitated beast, charging up his back and hopping high into the air as he flipped and prepared to deliver another devastating blow to the top of his head.  But before he could land the strike, he felt himself get grabbed out of the air by his legs and before he knew it, he was tossed across the field recklessly, bouncing onto the grass like a skipping stone in a river.  When he finally slid to a stop, his clothes covered in grass stains, he shook his head of the diziness and zeroed in on his target just as a voice chimed in on his communicator.

"Reuben, its Gloria," she said.

"Where the hell have you been?"

"You cut off communication with me hours ago, remember?  I just got it back online."

"Oh yeah.  Sorry about that."

"Listen.  I can send her in if need be."

"Oh yeah, you'd like that, wouldn't you?" Reuben said into his communicator, just as the beast began to charge in his direction once again.

"Yes, I would.  I don't want to see you get hurt."

"I'll be fine."  Reuben dashed forward, sprinting across the grass with tremendous speed on a head-on collision with the werewolf.  As soon as they met, Reuben dipped downward and slid right between the werewolf's legs, slipping out behind him.  Using the momentum from the slide, he propelled himself upward into a backflip, high above Don, and prepared to deliver another blow, but was once again grabbed out of the air, slammed onto the hard ground, and flung across the field.


Rad and Laser sprinted across the dark forest with the horde of werewolves not far behind.  The full moon above provided the only bit of light they needed to make sure they could make their way through without colliding with anything.

"I don't know how much farther I can go," Laser said, running out of breath.

"Can't you fly or something?" Rad asked, pacing his breathing but also drawing a bit of sweat from under his beanie hat.

"What?" Laser said, turning to him in confusion.  "I'm a Level 6 Psychic.  Even though that's pretty high, only Level 8's can get to the point of using telekinesis to fly"-

In the blink of an eye, Laser had stopped moving and stood in place in the middle of the dark forest.  Rad stopped running and turned back to see Laser standing by himself with a blank expression on his face right in the path of the army of werewolves chasing behind them.

"Oh, this is not the time," Rad said running back and grabbing hold of Laser to keep him moving.  Just as he did, Laser sprung back to life and ran past Rad.

"Follow me!" he shouted and Rad shrugged, following him with the werewolf horde growing closer to them by the minute, their snaggled growls, roars, and howls echoing through the woods behind them.  Laser moved with a purpose instead of aimlessly this time and he didn't seem like he was as out of breath anymore.  Rad tagged along curiously, but before long, the trees of the forest began to blend together and it looked as if they were running in circles.

"Are you sure you know where you're going?" Rad shouted up at Laser, but he didn't answer him.  Just as Rad began to call out to him again, he felt his foot jolt and he tripped over a tree branch, falling into the grass face first.  Swearing under his breath, he brought himself up quickly and looked back to see that he hadn't tripped over a tree branch, but instead a metal slab of some kind, approximately a foot thick and unmeasurably long, stretching along the woods in both directions.  Rad got up and looked around quickly, seeing that the werewolves were just about to catch up, the slobber swinging from their mouths visible from this distance.  Before long, he saw what he was looking for; a small control panel located at the base of one of the trees, right in between its bottom roots about half a block away.  Rad quickly picked up the bow he'd dropped when he tripped and reached into his enchanted peacoat pocket to pull out another one of the arrows that had been inside the Fat Lady, sticking it behind the string and pulling back as he aimed for the panel.

The wolves were charging forward and their vicious growls were growing deafening as they began to close in.  Rad focused on the panel with all his willpower and calmed his breathing before letting go of the arrow.  It zipped through the air and collided with the top of the panel immediately, breaking into its systems and causing the giant metal walls that Rad had just tripped over to shoot high into the air just as the werewolves were about to break past the barrier.  With a metallic clank the walls locked into place and the growling of the beasts behind them became faint.  Rad began to chuckle, which suddenly grew into a laugh.

"Whoo!" he cheered triumphantly.  "We did it!  We're in the clear, Laser, we can"-

As Rad turned around, he could see Laser still running in the distance and disappearing in the darkness of the forest.  "What the hell?  Laser!!"

Rad began to run after him but soon realized that he had completely lost sight of him and slowed to a stop.  "Where the hell is he going?"

Rad looked around and for the first time ever, he was at a lost for a plan.  The army of the night was behind the walls but so was the rest of the town and now that he was alone, there was virtually no where to go.  He figured he should chime into to his communicator to see if Reuben had been able to take care of Don or if Gloria could give him a ride from his current location.  It was at that moment that he heard the sound of a stick snap under a footstep a few yards away.  Rad looked around to see a large oak tree for him to hide behind and he pressed his body against it, edging out from it to see what was behind it...and spotted a lone werewolf creeping along just a few feet away.  How it had not noticed him running and yelling after Laser just a little while ago was beyond him but from this distance, he could see that it was minding its own business, chasing after a herd of rabbits hopping away from Rad's current location.  From this distance, however, Rad could see the wolf's fur pattern and noticed that it had long white streaks that traveled from its head and down its back.  It was Brooke.

Rad reached into his outer peacoat pocket and realized he still had a few tranquilizer bolts left for the Fat Lady that he'd taken out to use the Shuriken.  He wasn't able to use it on Don because it would have taken too long to reconfigure them into the Fat Lady but now that he had time to reassemble it, he could take her down and make sure that she was out for the night.

As he reached down and began to pull the contents of the Fat Lady out of his enchanted pocket, he could see Brooke charge for one of the rabbits in the herd and catch it between her teeth, chewing wildly into it.  Rad grimaced.

"Gonna be hard to get that image out of my head whenever I look at her," Rad said, de-activating the bow and reverting it back into its marker form.  "Oh, who am I kidding, I've already forgotten it."

As Rad began to place the arrows and the marker back inside the Fat lady and clamped it back closed, he could see that Brooke had finished her dinner and was now searching for something else to dine on now that the herd of rabbits were gone.  She sniffed into the air, turning her body in Rad's direction and that's when he realized that she was about to catch his scent.  He hurried the reconfiguring process.

After a while, Brooke began to growl lowly and by the time Rad had gotten the bolts ready in his hand, she was charging in his direction.

"Crap, crap crap crap crap," he shouted, heading off in the opposite direction as she galloped after him, snarling viciously.  The Fat Lady was back together but it didn't have the bolts administered inside and was therefore unusable against his werewolf friend.  Rad ran as fast as he could as Brooke chased after him, her booming footsteps growing louder by the second.  There were four bolts in his hand.  Because Brooke was bigger than a lot of the werewolves he'd seen out in the town, he knew it would probably take all of them to bring her down quickly, just like it'd taken four to take down the Jersey Devil back in Camden.  Any less would allow her to keep moving for at least another few minutes.  This meant he couldn't waste any; if he were to try to put the bolts inside of the Fat Lady while he ran and shoot her while he had the chance, missing wouldn't be an option.  Brooke was much faster than the pack of wolves that had chased him through the woods, or maybe he was just growing tired and running slower, but either way, she was ganging up on him and if he didn't try something soon that would stop her immediately, he would be joining the rabbit in no time.  This gave him a better, albeit tremendously risky, idea.

On his path through the woods, Rad spotted one of the trees and set it as his destination.  Sprinting for it with Brooke right behind him, the four bolts in his right hand and the Fat Lady in his left, he charged for the tree in front of him without stopping.  Brooke's roars were incredibly loud now, her continuous galloping echoing against Rad's heartbeat, and he could tell how close she was because he could feel her heavy breathing on the back of his neck as he ran.  If this didn't work, he would be done for.

When he finally reached the tree, Rad tossed his leg up and stepped up the side of it until he was higher than Brooke, then turned and jumped off.  As she brought her large claws up to tear into Rad's body, Rad knocked them away with the Fat Lady, reared back with the handful of bolts, and stabbed them into the side of her neck with all his might.  In the heat of the moment, Rad held onto the werewolf's neck tightly but she began to get the upperhand and backhanded him off, causing him to fly through the air and collide with a nearby tree.  Rad slumped to the base of it, completely unconscious.


Swinging Reuben by the root of his hair, Don smashed him face first into the dirt and lifted his leg to crush him with a final blow.  As it came down, Reuben rolled out from under it, sprung to his feet, and hopped into the air, delivering another blow to his face that sent him staggering back.  Reuben ran forward and shot himself upward again, drop-kicking him in the head and causing the werewolf to fall to his knees with his back turned to Reuben.  As Reuben landed and started to charge after Don once more, Don turned around with his claws up.  He swiped in Reuben's direction, but Reuben dodged it, hopping over his arm and jumping into the air again.  Unfortunately, Don had anticipated this and grabbed him out of the air with his other arm, smashing him into the ground once again, but this time holding him down with his large paws.

"Reuben, he's got a fully functional brain, its not like fighting a normal werewolf," Gloria said into his communicator.  "You've got to outsmart him."

"What do you think I've been trying to do?" Reuben said with a muffled voice, his face pushed partially into the grass.

"That's it.  I'm sending her in."

"Don't you dare!"


Don lifted his foot and pressed it against Reuben's torso with all his might and using both of his front paws to pull him up with the intent of ripping him in half.

"Reuben, he's going to kill you!"

"I've got this!" Reuben shouted, half out of pain as he could feel his bones popping from the pressure.  He began to scream even louder once Don began to pull with all his might.  "Fuck!...Send her in!"

"Thank you!"  In the distance, Reuben could hear the sound of an aircraft passing over the field and then a thunderous thud that shook the ground before Don released his grip and lifted his foot off of him.  Reuben looked over his shoulder to see a small pod embedded into the ground, the door of which retracted quickly to reveal a slim young woman in a black jumpsuit with short red hair to her ears.  She walked up to the giant werewolf and fallen vampire with a natural and confident stride.

"The hell are you?" Don growled as she began to approach.

"I am Systematic Android Technical Support Artificial Intelligence Service, Turquoise 4.0.  I am here to place you under arrest for the orchestrated murders of Camille Holden, Stacy Small, Katherine Mars and the voluntary manslaughter of Vivian Mars and Horace Perkins, as well as Mystic Terrorism, Conspiracy to enslave the human race, and Assault on a Certified P.U.L.S.E Agent.  You have the right to remain silent.  Anything you say"-

"Oh save it, bitch," Don shouted before charging for the android at full speed.  As Turquoise continued to recite Don's Miranda Rights, Don sprinted on all fours towards her and reared back his claws for the strike.  As he delivered the blow, Turquoise grabbed immediate hold of the werewolf's arm and broke it like a twig under her own arm, causing him to cry out in tremendous pain.  Using the same momentum and continuing to recite his rights to him, she swung the werewolf around and tossed him high into the air, above the trees and hills until he was high enough for the entirety of the town to be visible.  As he flew across the surface of the field, Turquoise propelled herself after him, reaching his side in a matter of seconds.  In mid air, she grabbed hold of him and as they began to fall back towards the earth, she forced him forward and smashed him into the grassy field, leaving a large crater in her wake.  Immediately, Don reverted back to his human form with his broken arm and Turquoise's foot placed firmly over his chest.

"...during the questioning.  Do you understand each of these rights as I've explained them to you?"  Don, now unconscious, didn't answer.  "Good."

Reuben stood up and wiped off the dirt on his clothes from the scuffle but was unable to rid it of any of the stains.  He shrugged it off, his wounds from the fight now healed as he looked over in the direction of where where Turquoise had made short work of Sheriff Fleming.

"...Well all righty then."

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