Cosmic Flash

Set in 1987, a college student and conspiracy theorist named Zach English finds himself lost in the woods after a night of drinking and accidentally stumbles upon a lone spaceship left behind by an unknown visitor.  Boarding the ship, he accidentally activates it and sends himself hurtling across the galaxy into a community of planets that have thrived together outside of the knowledge of most Earthlings for many years.  But that's nothing compared to the strangest part: Most of them know who he is.  The Zach English that they are familiar with was a decorated military hero who suddenly disappeared a year prior, but bore an identical resemblance to the Zach English from Earth.  Now "returned," Zach assimilates to this new community and inadvertently becomes apart of Cosmic Flash, an executive intelligence agency that is considered by Zach to be the "space" version of the CIA.  As Zach, who soon figures himself as the "James Bond of Space," begins his peculiar quest to stop intergalactic terrorism, he must simultaneously figure out what his existence in this new environment means and overcome his acute case of culture shock in order to assure that his new home remains safe from the maniacal alien creatures that threaten its safety.

Prologue: Where On Earth Is Zach English?

Act One: Earth Vs. The North Circuit

Chapter 1: The Volvo

Chapter 2: World's Worst Frat Boy

Chapter 3: Light In The Sky

Chapter 4: Lost In Space

Chapter 5: The North Circuit

Chapter 6: The City Of Asphidire

Chapter 7: Sex, Soldiers, And Skyscrapers

Chapter 8: Memory Lane

Act Two: The Gospel According to Derek Tempest

Chapter 9: Derek Tempest

Chapter 10: Training Days

Chapter 11: The Good Life

Chapter 12: Wenter City

Chapter 13 Coming Soon!