Beaux & Aero

Beaux & Aero: Revolver Road

In an alternate world where supernatural humanoid creatures live amongst us in society, two hot-shot guns for hire, Columbus "Beaux" Beauregarde, an African-French Werewolf Immigrant, and Arron "Aero" Paratelli, an Italian American Vampire, run the most successful mercenary/contract-killing business in the supernatural criminal underworld.  Characterized as "Mythlores," creatures that were once hunted by humans many years ago until a law was passed that outlawed it and gave them equal rights, these humanoid creatures make up at least half of the world's population.  They include Werewolves, Vampires, Angels, Demons, Ghosts, Djinn, Elves, and Nymphs, each race with their own personal inconspicuous stamp in the criminal underworld that has spawned from their freedom.  After working a simple job, Beaux and Aero go to collect their pay only to find out that their employers, a Vampire Mafia Family, had been completely slaughtered in their compound while the two had been working.  Now the boys are on the run from the Law, an old rival Vampire Family, a lone werewolf serial killer with connections to Beaux, a reckless vigilante, and a psychopathic human "Folk" Hunter.  They team up with a few allies, including a young human journalist, and travel along the longest road in the state, Revolver Road, which spans the length of several towns, trying to find a way to clear their names and uncover the secrets that led to the ultimate vampire blood pun intended.

Prologue - "The Rise and Fall of New Devon: From the Capital of Mythlore Pride to Supernatural Cesspool of Crime and Corruption"

Chapter 1: Beaux and Aero: The Movie

Chapter 2: The Wolf And The Bat

Chapter 3: When Friends Become Enemies Become Friends

Chapter 4: The Calm Before The Storm

Chapter 5: "Memories Of A Mythlore"

Chapter 6 Coming Soon!