Night Bird Flying

Johnny B. Goode is not your ordinary teenager.  He's a 17-year old African American Louisiana-born guitar prodigy with an appetite for rebellion, but carries aspirations too intense and grand for the world to handle.  After being expelled from school, Johnny is sent to live with his uncle in the socially segregated town of Ladyland, California.  Soon he befriends a group of talented outcasts and with their help, he begins to pursue his dreams of starting a band.  But admist the dangers of a murderous rival band, a serial killer on the loose, and a growing conspiracy threatening to unravel the sanctity of their pursuits, it soon becomes apparent that he will need much more than ambition to ensure his career's, and his own, survival.  This story incorporates many elements and references mostly related but not limited to Jimi Hendrix and Chuck Berry.  Various other rock musicians are also referenced.

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