Gener@tion Z

In the year 2022, after a zombie outbreak in London is secured, American schools adapt a new curriculum known as ZOSC (The Zombie Outbreak Survival Course), an after-school program dedicated to teaching students how to survive in the event of a Zombie Outbreak.  The students must "survive" 15 days of the class, participating in a fictional scenario that involves them living in a ruined version of their city during a Class-3 Zombie Outbreak.  Those that "survive" and pass the course recieve an A in all of their classes for the semester as their reward.  The story centers around one particular school, Thomas Quick High in the town of Ocean Valley and a classroom of 24 students that try to live their normal lives while being forced to endure through the virtual zombie-world scenario.  At the same time, the characters are forced to uncover a dangerous conspiracy surfacing behind the scenes of the program that may threaten their safety as well as the safety of every student participating in it across the country.