Laughing Sam's Dice

(The following is a loose prequel to the story, Night Bird Flying, which can also be found on this site.  It is advised but not required that you read that story before embarking on this one, however, if you choose to start here, it won't make the experience any less enjoyable.  Thanks for reading!)

The year is 1978.  In the suburban city of Ladyland, California, four high school dropouts: Sixeye, Chalkface, Talon, and Blackhorse, all have one goal that they have to accomplish before the summer's end: Attend the most legendary of all events which is none other than the Rite of Passage Festival.  The last time this annual festival came to pass was five years prior.  Ever since, the festival had been canceled.  Why?  Because of the legal conflicts that arose from intense gatecrashing, riots, unprohibited drug use, underaged sex, fans jumping on stage, performers booed off by the crowd, the host's nervous breakdown, a showdown between two gangs, several vehicle explosions, and one death.  Due to the legal struggle that rose from the last event, the festival was put on hiatus....until now.  Rumor has it that the next one will be the most outrageous yet and there is almost a guarantee that it will be the very last, based on the predicted insanity that is sure to ensue.  Its possible that it may be worse than the previous one.

Over the course of a weekend, the boys are thrown into a world of its own, complete with a surplus quantity of the big 3: Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll.  But its not long before things suddenly spin out of control and the crew is soon up to its neck in dilemma, from a demonic deal gone wrong, to the threat of the local Mafia, to a treasure hunt to find the most coveted and legendary possession in the history of the festival: Laughing Sam's Dice, a hidden stash of rare and potent hemp, bundles of cash, and a guide that may solve all of their problems.  As the boys endure the harsh conditions and the growing tension between the Festival Attendees, Security, and the People of "Desolation Row", the pennyless individuals most responsible for the gatecrashing and a brewing uprising, the four get themselves ready to participate in the most insane concert experience of a lifetime....the only worry, however, is whether or not they will survive it.

Like its predecessor, Night Bird Flying, this story uses various Jimi Hendrix and other classic rock references throughout.

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